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 Last resort for anti-dust/-static measures  "TRINC TEMPLE"

    We as TRINC team will help you to solve your problems
    regarding static electricity and foreign matter.
    Please feel free to contact us.

■ General consultation

• I can't remove static electricity
• I wanna reduce foreign matter defects
• Dust adheres
• I can't remove fine particles
• Numb (electric shock)
• I can't charge with a charger
Anyway, I'm having trouble with static electricity
I'm having trouble with foreign matter problems
■ Static eliminator, ionizer related.

• The static eliminator manufacturer cannot explain.
• The static eliminator does not work.
• The maintenance of the static eliminator is difficult.
• The static eliminator cannot be maintained.
• The static eliminator is electrically leaking.
• The air charge of the static eliminator is expensive.
• Defects increased after use of static eliminator.
• The static eliminator smells.
• The static eliminator is cold.
■ Clean room-related

• Clean room does not improve cleanliness.
• Clean room electricity costs are irresistible.
• Clean room capital investment is expensive.
• Dust box does not reduce foreign matter defects.
• Dust cannot be removed with an air shower.
■ Humidification-related

• Humidification rusts molds and machines.
• Humidification breaks semiconductors.
• Humidification causes mold to grow, unsanitary.
• Humidification causes the paper to lose its stiffness and wrinkles.
• Humidification causes the paper to skew. (Do not go straight)
• Condensation due to humidification.
■ Filter-related

• High power consumption of filter.
• Nano filters are expensive.
■ Painting-related

• Foreign matter adheres when painting.
• Defective due to dust at an automobile repair shop.
• Dust is attached when painting a mobile phone.
■ Plastic-related

• Dust adheres to the mold during plastic molding.
• Dust and burrs adhere to the mold.
• The product remains in the mold.
■ Film-related

• Dust adheres when the film is attached.
• The film has spots.
■ Paper-related

• Paper jams.
• Multiple sheets are fed.
• Papers are not in line properly.
■ Semiconductor-related

• Semiconductors are broken.
• Semiconductor memory disappears.
• When a wafer is back grinded, it cracks (cracks occur).
■ Electrical equipment-related

• Wrist straps are troublesome.
• Conductive shoes are troublesome.
• Conductive floors are high.
• Dust adheres when assembling automobile meters.
■ Medical, chemicals, cosmetics-related

• Chemicals are clogged.
• Difficult to wrap chemicals.
• Medical equipment is hardened by static electricity.
• Dust adheres to medical equipment.
• Dust adheres when packaging cosmetics.
■ Food container-related

• Foreign matter adheres to food containers and cups
■ Parts feeder related

• Parts feeder is clogged.
■ Printing-related

• Printing cannot be cleaned.
• Ink splashes and stains.
■ Printed circuit board-related

• Multiple printed circuit boards are fed.
■ FRP, CFRP-related

• Dust adheres during FRP molding.
• Dust adheres during CFRP molding.
• Dust adheres during FRP painting.
■ Thin-film deposition and surface treatment-related

• Foreign matter defects occur during vapor deposition
■ AGV, forklift related

• AGV is electrically charged
• Forklift is electrically charged
■ Indoor playground equipment related

• Numbness caused by static electricity makes children start crying.
• Static electricity makes playground equipment dirty and covered with dust.

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Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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