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静電気・異物対策 訪問特別セミナー #01 静電気・異物対策 訪問特別セミナー #02 静電気・異物対策 訪問特別セミナー #03 静電気・異物対策 訪問特別セミナー #04

Thank you for your visit to this page. Trinc has been holding a course for antistatic and anti-dust measures limited to those customers who bought Trinc products and would like to know more about the countermeasures.

Place, Schedule and Time: Upon receipt of your inquiry of attendance to the seminar, we will check up the other requests at that time before we inform you of details of schedule. Please bear in mind that the schedule could be delayed, if we haven't received a certain number of requests from other parties.

A substantial lecture starting with the fundamentals of antistatic and anti-dust measures, Trinc's unique technologies, actual application case examples, and experimental video images not disclosed to public to the confidential information about products.

Trinc recommends for customers to participate the seminar before introducing Trinc product into their facilities to assure its maximum perform and results.

※ Note: When the dealer or agent staff wants to participate the seminar, please contact Trinc.


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