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 TRINC Bangkok Demo Center
Listen to it! Observe it! Realize it!

  • ■ TRINC Bangkok Democenter
  •  Seminar
  •   Static and dust adhesion doctrine
  •   Anti-dust measure methods
  •   Explanation of conventional mistaken anti-static/dust measures
  •  Consultation (all kinds of consultation)
  •   We have been in a trouble with removing static---
  •   We have been in a bind with dust adhesion---
  •   We have been worried about electric shocks---
  •   We have been annoyed with materials sticking to---
  •  Please observe what!
  •   Phased Array TRINC
  •   Bar TRINC
  •   Clean Desktop TRINC
  •   Zero-Zero KITRINC
  •   Film cleaner TRINC
  •   And more other models/products are on display!
  • Please feel how!
  •   An electric shock is eliminated!
  •   Static is dissipated!
  •   Dust wouldn’t adhere to!
  •   Dust is removed!
  •   Real cleanliness can be realized by yourself!(Super clean) )

115 Rimthang-Rodfai Road, Khlong-Toey, Bangkok 10110
 Rompo Business Center A9 

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