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 Explosion-protection measures

 Providing countermeasures against fire and explosion
 Ultra-safe and -reliable static eliminator available in flammable
 gas environment

Under the environment filled with solvent vapor and scattering particles in manufacturing sites, the spark caused by static would lead directly to an explosion or fire accident. So, statics should be removed immediately to create a safe working environment without these risks. However, conventional ionizers cannot be used for static removal in the flammable atmosphere, because high voltage discharge needles for ion generation are exposed to atmosphere.

To overcome above situation, TRINC has developed an ultra-safe and -reliable ionizer usable in hazardous area. It has the only explosion-proof structure that incorporates TRINC’s ionizing technologies. Even those who have given up on removing statics with ionizers in the hazardous area can change the situation by use of TRINC’s explosion-proof ionizers.

 TRINC's explosion-proof structure

1. Increased safety structure
It is designed to enhance the structure itself and to increase reliability against temperature rise by fire or heating during operation.

2. Withstanding pressure structure due to robust outer case
It has totally enclosed structure that endures the explosion occurred inside. In addition, it ensures for the outside flammable gas or dust particles not to catch fire.

3. Internal pressure explosion-proof structure by continuous inflow of clean air
By keeping the inner pressure level by inflowing compressed clean air, flammable gas or dust particles would not intrude inside the ionizer body.