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 TAIBS System

Control System of Ion Balance by TAIBS

The DC system can produce a larger amount of ions with lower voltage/power for powerful static elimination as compared to the AC system. On the DC system positive and negative ions are discharged from a pair of corresponding plus and minus needles, letting homopolar ions repel and heteropolar ions attract each other by the Coulomb's repulsion, thus allowing them to travel more distance even without the help of air blow. Although this system has shortcomings in ion balance of more positive ions near the plus and more negative ions near the minus needles, TRINC has developed a "TAIBS system" to control this shortcomings and assure the ion balance to be stable and undisturbed by the environment.

Ion balance varies widely on Pulse AC system

Some conventional static ionizers employs Pulse AC system for ion generation. However, the Pulse AC system has a property of an ion balance fluctuating and yet being disturbed largely when the drift of system itself is added.

World highest level super ion balance

Unlike conventional systems, the perfect feedback system incorporated in TAS-181 ION BALANCER is the one which senses ion balance level at closer point to work piece and correct to maintain the perfect ion balance around it. Those systems used so far receive feedback of ion balance generated inside the static ionizer, so the one around the object which stands apart from the static eliminator cannot be corrected for any fluctuation by external factors. The fluctuation of ion balance means static buildup, and even several dozen static volt can be a cause of defects at the working process of delicate electronic devices.
 TRINC focused on affection of external factors such as ion absorption into object, work desk or conveyer, and situated the sensor much closer to the object to correct the ion balance at the object side. With this, TRINC has succeeded to stabilize the ion balance of the object itself.

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