Clearing up the fundamentals of static electricity, these readings give an account of the semiconductor's breakdown caused by static, the problem caused by dust and foreign particles, and their countermeasures. They point out controversial points in the current methods, adduce new ideas and process, and introduce their application examples.
※These are to be issued in series.
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These are to be issued in series.

Serialization No.1

Static and Dust Fundamentals - 1
(Table of contents)

1. Introduction

2. Problems arising from static electricity

 2-1.Break-down on semi-conductors
 2-2.Troubles caused by static’s physical force (attraction and repulsion)
 2-3.Adhesion of dust and foreign substances due to static
 2-4.Electric shock
 2-5.A fire accident

3. Static fundamentals

 3-1.What is static?

  3-1-1.Static electricity and dynamic electricity
  3-1-2.Electron explains everything clearly
  3-1-3.Integration into electricity
  3-1-4.Three-dimensional circuit

 3-2.Generation of static

  3-2-4.Static elimination by static ionizer
  3-2-5.Static charges by a charger

 3-3.Static generation on conductive materials

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