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If someone speaks of static and dust (foreign substances), others might think that they sound trivial at any rate. But, truth to tell, it is these two things that are the biggest factors to disturb the today’s production system. What I feel apprehensive about is that the parties concerned in Japan as well as in the world have not yet been aware of the fact that the issues related to or caused by the static and dust are vital questions to the global environment, and yet they keep producing defective products day and night and have a hard-fight for the situation.

To perform a mission of solving this crucial issue, TRINC has denied accepting the obsolete ionizing (static-removal) technology that has lasted as long as more than 50 years as a world standard. The management concept TRINC holds is such that we deny the status quo and develop innovative technologies to respond to the requirement of society. This clear management concept and persisting obsession has come to give birth to various innovative technologies and international patents. We have embodied these ideas into many product lines. A lot of customers who bought our new devices have accomplished miracle reforms which might have been inconceivable through the conventional lines. They then have progressed even to go into another world to keep high level economic activities.

My only dream is to get factories in the world realize as quickly as possible how useless or even harmful the conventional anti-static/dust measures are and take the liberty to make their own move. In other words, I wish that all the company management and factory supervisors got to express doubts about their conventional methods which have caused so long crucial defects and mistakes. I also wish that they would realize the fact that the countermeasures to be taken for them are not that hard but are merely all that they can solve with ease if they become aware of them. If only the parties concerned catch on the possibility of the new anti-static/dust devices developed under the new TRINC idea, they would be driven instantly to make their move. When this move grows bigger, we are sure that we can curb the waste made worldwide so far by the conventional harmful ionizers.

Though the concern about the static and dust is a big issue, it is neither so hard to overcome, nor is it necessary to have a large investment or long-term economic activities. Moreover, since the factories that accomplish the reform can trim the fat of a waste into a muscled body-build, it directly affects an instant increase of the company’s profit rate. For the corporations engaging largely with society, they can reduce industrial waste, through the reduction of defectives generation for example, to accomplish an ultimate zero emission. They would come to feel that they are contributing largely to the worldwide environment improvement. In the hope that my message reaches to those factory supervisors and management so they challenge the issue earnestly, I compiled a book “Static・Dust [Zero] Revolution” (Diamond Publisher). And for those who want to make their move specifically, I have completed the publication of a four part series “TRINC METHOD” as a bible for anti-static/dust measures.

TRINC is a small venture company, but its importance to the world must not be measured by its size, rather by its contribution to the planet. Because it is my life’s destiny to pursue excellence in anti-static science, I again set force on the road to the future, resolved to steadfastly strive onward. Even faced with the “seven difficulties and eight tribulations” placed in my path (old Japanese adage), I will confront them as mere tests of my ability to succeed.

October 5, 2017
Makoto Takayanagi
TRINC Corporation

"The Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays"
honered at Conferment of Decorations in 2018 Spring.

Phased Array Ionizing”, “No-Blow Ionizing”, “Ion Engine”, “Slight-Air Ionizing” are registered trademark (in Japan) of TRINC Corporation, a forerunner of this field.

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